Re: segmentation fault :-(

Le Mon, Jun 03, 2002, à 06:01:51PM +0200, Jan Keirse a écrit:

Hy, the patch works, but only partly: as long as I use courier as font, it
is ok, but if I use another font (eg helvetica), it will continue to use

This is already good news.

I get an error message Warning no X font for Helvetica found, using
-*-courier-medium-r-normal-*-%d-*-*-... instead.
Would it not be possible to make the code replace the font with eg
(You'll also have to take care of the bold stuff off course (or does a
x-font courier-bold exist?)

This code will be completely reworked in the next weeks. We will then see
whether we need to do some special processing or not.

        -- Cyrille


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