Re: dia 0.90.RC3

There's no start menu entry created, just a desktop icon.
(I'm not familiar woth win9x and know nothing about its

Could you try the option "Create Start Menu Entries for current user?"
This is the old code and should be working.


BTW, I think there's another tiny bug for win9x: the
batch file dia.bat contains the following line:

      IF %OS%==Windows_NT goto winnt

which produces a 'Syntax error' message on win9x because %OS%
is undefined (blank). I think it's better to change it to one
of the following forms:

      IF "%OS%"=="Windows_NT" goto winnt
      IF A%OS%==AWindows_NT goto winnt

Good catch, I'll fix that

Another question: has anyone tested diaWin for Simplified
Chinese support? I tried 0.90.RC3 under win98. It seems
that Chinese characters are not displayed. Can any one
tell me how to define (or map) the two built-in
Simplified Chinese fonts (BousungEG-Light-GB and
GBZenKai-Medium) under pwin98 (pwin98 is the Simplified
Chinese version of win98)?

I don't know anything about chinese, but I guess that once we've switched
to PANGO, all this should be fixed.


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