Re: Question about layout plugins

Thanks a lot for your postive feedback. I dont know
how much time I will find for this in the next couple
of days. 

I will review the code one more time to get a feeling
for how much work this will take.

It sounds like we are on the right track.
I have one or two more questions and commens below.

Best regards,
--- Cyrille Chepelov <cyrille chepelov org> wrote: 
Can you please tell me where to start looking into
this, I have identified some click and move and
handlers, but am interested in getting some input
where you think the best interface would be

Basically, you need to access the
lib/diagramdata.h:DiagramData structure
and the Layer structure, then you'll of course be
interested in the
lib/object.h/Object structure (especially the
position/bounding_box and the
handles and connections member fields and their
supporting methods
(object_*() ). 

Thanks, I will look into this this week.

Also on this note, what are the possibilities of
embedding hrefs in each object and exporting to
image maps? I am sure that someone has looked into
has done this already? 

These are two different features. First, for dia
diagrams, you'd probably be
better off by esporting to PNG image maps... Then,
Yes. PNG is great.

adding a standard
property of type URL, and, why not, tying it to
Object (this would require
bumping up the plugin API version which is fine for
the time being), 
where are the standard attributes stored? in Object? I
will look into it.

then find a way (renderer ?) to pass this URL to a
PNG+ImageMap export
Yes, well the layout engines will also need to get
thier extra attributes. The URL is also an attribute,
but needed by the renderer...
Also some form of unique id for each node, that would
be great for clickable graphs.


Have fun. Be aware that major core changes are in
the works, though.
Thanks, I noticed that you are in preparation for a
big changes. I Dont know how long I will need to get
started. But with your tips, it will be much easier.


James Michael DuPont

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