Re: Some feature ideas.

On 09 Jul 2002, mickael wolff laposte net wrote:
  Hello the ml !

  I'm experementing use of this tool, in professionnal condition (I make
analisys of my stage's project with it). And I'll need some
improvements. I'm using UML capabilities.

  I wanna add an class attribute without edit entire object, simply by
object menu (third mouse button). This can be productive. In same topic,
you can implement adding an attribute to a selection of object.

Changing the simple (boolean) properties of a class (or group of classes)
could easily be done from the object menu.  Adding new attributes that way
would take more work, though I can definitely see where it would be handy.
Especially for adding to a group of classes.

  More, growing selction capabilities (as nautilus or MS-Explorer with
ctrl-Mouse_Click). But I think you allready think it.

Shift-click will already grow selections.  And the Select menu have
some rather fanciful selection options.

  Restrict working area to paper/A4/Letter format (be optionnaly, off
course), for easy printing.

Well, the blue lines already show the paper format.  Or you can set it to
fit to a certain number of pages (typically 1x1 is good) in the page setup

 Finally, for lisibility of document, in a class, align messages,
properties, arguments and type of message. Like it :

|  My class                                                  |
| +name_message          (arg1:type, ard2:type)  :type       |
| -very_big_name_message (another_arg:some_type) :other_type |

I see your point, but it can also lead to unusually wide classes:

|  My class                                                                 |
| +short                 (arg1:some_very_long_type, ard2:type)  :type       |
| -very_big_name_message (another_arg:some_type)                :other_type |

If there are many methods in a class, this is likely to happen.


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