RE: hangs when printing

G'Day Eric,

Could you please tell us which version of Dia you are using and under which
operating system? This will help us to offer suggested fixes to your

If you are not using version 0.89 of Dia you may wish to give it a try as it
fixes a number of issues which may be related to your problem.


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From: Eric Freed [mailto:efreed newrorad com]
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Subject: hangs when printing

I have a medium sized diagram that causes Dia to hang when I try to
print it (either to a file or to the printer). At first I 
thought maybe
the file was corrupt, but I recreated it from scratch. I also tried to
copy the entire diagram to a new blank one, but it does not 
work. When I
copy I get a series of strange pop-up boxes: "Error? trying 
to connect a
non connectable handle. Check this out..."

I did find anything like this discussed in the archive. 
Anyone else have
this problem?

Eric Freed
IT Coordinator
New Rochelle Radiology
914-633-7700 x339

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