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Le Thu, Feb 28, 2002, à 11:09:14AM +0100, spyjo a écrit:
   i'm a french dia-user and i have a little problem. In fact, i don't find
   how to make an arrow as this :
     vertical arrow
   The buttons allow to make vertical arrow, but where is the horizontal

Oh, you mean... someone's actually *using* the SADT stuff ? !! Wow, I'm
amazed (but happy)...

OK, what you have on the PNG is a Horiz-Vert-Horiz SADT arrow. You can have
a Vert-Horiz-Vert (or more complex things) if you middle-click on it (or
control-right click). This is actually a FAQ, and you may want to read the
FAQ page.

        -- Cyrille


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