Re: Floor plans?

Quoting Greg Trounson (gregt maths otago ac nz):
"Ole-Johan Lauvås" wrote:

Dia is wrong application for that task. Use Cycas from

Are you sure?  Dia has a lot of potential, and has an "almost there but
not quite yet" feel when it comes to floor plans, at least for those of
us that don't want something as complicated as Cycas.
I also could not locate the CVS tree for cycas.  It appears to be closed

I like the idea. I think the ease with which you can slap together a
rough floorplan in Visio attests to how Dia could do this quite well.

I think Cycas and many of the other drafting tools available are quite
nice, but they really answer a different need than the "drag and drop
some shapes" approach Dia allows -- more for the person trying to
model a home than for the person trying to figure out how to shuffle
his furniture around.

Or the person trying to make floormaps for his Shadowrun game, for
that matter. ;)

Geoff Gerrietts <ggerrietts yahoo com>
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