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Le Sat, Feb 23, 2002, à 07:54:39PM -0500, Rob Campbell a écrit:

format"): PNG, EPS, CGM, WMF, etc, etc.

You have to experiment with your target software (MS Word ?)
to check what it prefers to receive.

I recommend WMF.  It stands for Windows Meta File, IIRC, and is the native
format used by Windows for vector data saved to the clipboard.  It is also
the format that the technical writer at my work prefers for use in
documents, and he uses MS Word.  "WMF, the format of professionals."

... except that there have been various bugs in the CGM and WMF exports
(they're all fixed nowadays, IIRC, but I don't know which exact version the
OP is using), so experimenting with both CGM and WMF might still be

And, of course, EPS rules them all ;-)

        -- Cyrille


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