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Le Sat, Feb 23, 2002, à 07:33:56PM -0000, sartajsingh a écrit:

right , I ahev tried evrything possible to export
the UML diagrams out of dia .
Now my linux bnox has gone and I haev dia installed
on my windows OS.
what extension do I give to save the UML diagrams.

Use Save..Export, then you have a lot of choice of "extensions" (the
extension actually means nothing; proof is your renaming of .png into .gif
experiment of last week; that's why I prefer to think in terms of "file
format"): PNG, EPS, CGM, WMF, etc, etc.

You have to experiment with your target software (MS Word ?) to check what
it prefers to receive. FWIW, I've had good experiences with loading WMF and
CGM files into Word under Windows (using Insert..Graphics..From file); but
you definitely have to experiment to see what gives the best results. Making 
sure you've installed all import filters for that target software can only

wha tare the other window users doing??
sorry to bother you again and again .
if this works , you will never hear from me again.

The problem is certainly not you *asking* questions (everyone has a lot of
things to learn) which is bothersome. However, you might want to improve a
little on your reading of manuals and previous replies to your questions...

You're more than welcome to ask questions you've genuinely tried to look
answers by yourself beforehand (just as in any place)[*]. 

Just out of curiosity, what use is UML to you, given the general level of
questions you've asked (making .gif out of .png by renaming, etc. etc.) ?

        -- Cyrille

[*] (or, if you pay me the right price, I'll gladly give you any help for any
question, no matter how trivial or googlable "with luck" or beaten to death.
It's the usual alternative with that kind of forums...) 


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