Re: [Fwd: Dia Font]

On Sat, 23 Feb 2002, Cyrille Chepelov wrote:


I'm writing this to you on the dia list at GNOME (check dia's site for
how to subscribe -- I usually don't reply to non-subscribers); Alex is
now not much involved anymore in dia. He kindly forwarded your comments
to the list.

I need to make an vector based Logo - in it I want to us the Linux Font
Gothic I. But in the Font-Menue I just have Fonts where are not
installed !  Can you give me a hint how to install and use new Fonts
under Dia ?

Unfortunately, this is not currently possible; for various historical and
non-historical reasons, dia uses a fixed list of fonts (there is some
work being done to resolve this issue, albeit not at a very high

Depending on what you're using the output for, you can try compiling with
--enable-freetype (requires libfreetype2).  It will not let you print, but
it will let you save to PNG.


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