Re: preferences dialog

On Wed, 20 Feb 2002 14:01:47 +0000,
"rc" == rob campbell att net wrote:

rc> Rob,
rc> I've been thinking of adding some options to the
rc> preference dialog (in particular, to allow Ruler Display
rc> and Antialiasing defaults to be set).  But I looked at
rc> the code and decided I didn't have the time at present to
rc> figure it out (I'm a C++ programmer in the Windows
rc> world).  Do I understand you correctly that the
rc> preferences dialog is generated from an external source
rc> file?  If so, could you direct me to it in the CVS tree
rc> and any documentation on its use?

No, current preferences dialog is generated by structure of
prefs_data in app/preferences.c, and it support widget which
is described in DiaPrefType.

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