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I've been thinking of adding some options to the
preference dialog (in particular, to allow Ruler Display
and Antialiasing defaults to be set).  But I looked at
the code and decided I didn't have the time at present to
figure it out (I'm a C++ programmer in the Windows
world).  Do I understand you correctly that the
preferences dialog is generated from an external source
file?  If so, could you direct me to it in the CVS tree
and any documentation on its use?

Rob Campbell
rob campbell att net
On Wed, 20 Feb 2002 15:23:58 +1030,
"RY" == "Young, Robert" <Robert Young dsto defence gov au> wrote:

Akira TAGOH wrote:

BTW I would like to rewrite preferences dialog with glade.

RY> Can you give any more details on why you want to do this/what can't be done
RY> with the current code? 
RY> AFAIR the autogenerated preferences dialog is very simple to add extra items
RY> to. I would like to see it stay easy to use.

Yeah, current preferences dialog is very simple, and adding
the same type as existing item is very easy. but adding the
new type of widget is not easy compared with glade.
That's all.

RY> BTW I didn't write the code, I just think it is neat.

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