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I don't know if this works, just trying to use my imagination with something
that seems to be quickly solved for most people in one or the other way that
so many already has suggested.

You could try using / instead of \ in the path you specify (e.g. "C:/home"),
as I have sometimes seen problems arising from the \ being interpreted as an
escape character. All Windows variants that I know of, and even old MS-DOS,
support the forward slash ('/') internally as an alternate directory

If this doesn't work, could you please try to tell us something more about
your platform: Which kind of Windows is it, and in which language locale and
character set, for instance? (codepage, far-east support, whatever...) This
might help give us a clue to what might be the problem in your case.

Also, I know that for instance on NT/W2K, the autoexec.bat is not used at
all, and there you have a different place to specify environment variables
like this. (Somewhere in the Control Panel of course.)

Does Dia really not start at all, or is it "just" this warning message
popping up before it proceeds as normal?

Best regards,


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I have done it in autoexec.bat.will someoone
please give me a correct answer which wil lwork.

On Thu, 07 Feb 2002 Alan Horkan wrote :

if you open a command window and type
set HOME=c:\home
it will only work temporarily

you probably need to add the line
set HOME=c:\home
to autoexec.bat
for it to be permanent

In theory i think
c:\windows\Profiles\username\Application Data\
c:\windows\Application Data\
are where Microsoft expects applications to put this
kind of information
(but if you try that the spaces in the filenames might
cause problems)
i think maybe there are some registry variables dia
could lookup instead
of using the HOME variable from the shell.
I have been meaning to look it up and submit a patch
... but then there
are lots of things i have been meaning to do but never
get around to


On 6 Feb 2002, sartajsingh wrote:

but I really dont have a "home" directory .
its says set to valid directory or existing directory.
can I set it to ANY existing any without worring
about the path.
I use windows.
can I do set HOME=c:\ or somethign like that.

On Wed, 06 Feb 2002 Cyrille Chepelov wrote :
Le Wed, Feb 06, 2002, à 01:42:21PM -0000, sartajsingh

I dont have a home directory
I did set HOME=c:\home in autoexec.bat and when
I run dia it says home doesnt exist and soem other
line number errors.

if you set HOME=c:\home, c:\home MUST exist. If you
HOME to something
else, that "something else" MUST be a valid path to an
existing directory.
The HOME variable SHOULD exist, and if it does, it
point to *a* valid
directory. Any directory.

-- Cyrille


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