Re: compiling CVS-Snapshot under NetBSD or Debian/GNU Linux?

Le Thu, Feb 07, 2002, à 08:53:16AM +0100, Hanno 'Rince' Wagner a écrit:

Running intltoolize
intltoolize: not found

You need intltools-0.12

Ah :-) okay. BUT:

intltoolize is within the cvs-snapshot: 

angua:~/src/dia/dia-cvs-snapshot> ls intlt*
intltool-extract    intltool-merge      intltool-update

No it's not. It's product files are. 

Please note that while the intltoolize which is installed on my machine has
put these files in, it has not put *itself* in. If you want to run
./, you *must* have the whole intltools-0.12 package installed.
OTOH, if you don't have this package installed, you must NOT run
./, and just use the ./configure "as supplied".

aclocal: 124: macro `AM_LANGINFO_CODESET' not found in
aclocal: 125: macro `AM_ICONV' not found in library

ripple effects of the absence of the intltools *package*, this time when
running aclocal (because intltools.m4 is not in your /usr/share/aclocal)

what am I doing wrong here?

not reading the NEWS file.

        -- Cyrille


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