Re: Re: Re: cant run dia on windows

if you open a command window and type
set HOME=c:\home
it will only work temporarily

you probably need to add the line
set HOME=c:\home
to autoexec.bat
for it to be permanent

In theory i think
c:\windows\Profiles\username\Application Data\
c:\windows\Application Data\
are where Microsoft expects applications to put this kind of information
(but if you try that the spaces in the filenames might cause problems)
i think maybe there are some registry variables dia could lookup instead
of using the HOME variable from the shell.
I have been meaning to look it up and submit a patch ... but then there
are lots of things i have been meaning to do but never get around to


On 6 Feb 2002, sartajsingh wrote:

but I really dont have a "home" directory .
its says set to valid directory or existing directory.
can I set it to ANY existing any without worring
about the path.
I use windows.
can I do set HOME=c:\ or somethign like that.

On Wed, 06 Feb 2002 Cyrille Chepelov wrote :
Le Wed, Feb 06, 2002, à 01:42:21PM -0000, sartajsingh a

I dont have a home directory
I did set HOME=c:\home in autoexec.bat and when
I run dia it says home doesnt exist and soem other
line number errors.

if you set HOME=c:\home, c:\home MUST exist. If you set
HOME to something
else, that "something else" MUST be a valid path to an
existing directory.
The HOME variable SHOULD exist, and if it does, it MUST
point to *a* valid
directory. Any directory.

      -- Cyrille


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