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On Friday 01 February 2002 20:43, you wrote:
Then strike that <stroke> section and grab (share) the SVG-reading code
from the Shapes support. This'll save you a lot of time and make the
overall system more consistent. SVG is the standard for describing this
kind of geometry in XMLish way (at least, that's the standard dia uses in
addition to its own format).
I will take a look at the shape stuff before I start on anything else, I 

What information was this <type> tag supposed to carry ?
The arrow type I thought might be usefull to categorize the various arrows as 
there are already enough that the arrow menu spans my entire screen.  I 
hadn't planned on hacking the interface stuff in right away, but perhaps this 
might be a good idea for the future?  (especially since users may/will be 
hacking in their own "arrows", no telling how many there may be a year from 

I was thinking of a coordinate system where the origin is "on the
line" 1/2 of the "length" of the arrow away from "to".  The coordinates
would be such that 100,0 would be "to".

So, basically, the exact shape of the arrow depends on the size of the line
which holds the arrow ? Uuuuh. Why not take the existing "width" and
"length" and use these as a scaling factor (and define the arrow as in a
1x1 or 10x10 or 100x100 box, you choose the scale) ?

No, the arrow's size depends only upon "length" and "width".  The way it is 
coded now, there is a 200x200 unit box the arrow can be drawn in.  0,0 is 1/2 
the "length" away from "to" and is "on the line".  100,0 is "to" .  100,100 
would be a point tangent to the "to,from" line 1/2 "width" away from "to", 
and so is 100,-100.  

To make a long story short the code already scales on width/length, and the 
units are arbitrary. I could just as easily make the origin "to" and make the 
"unit" length/width 1 instead of 100.
Richard Rowell
rwrowell bellsouth net

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