Re: Dynamic Arrows

On Friday 01 February 2002 00:37, you wrote:
Sounds great !
How are theses strokes described ? (SVG ?)
I was thinking of an XML document, although I'm new to XML and this could 
probably be improved by someone who knows XML a bit better...

        <name>Crow Foot</name>
                <stroke type="line">
                        <point x="0" y="0"/>
                        <point y="1" y="1"/>

The I was thinking of a coordinate system where the origin is "on the line" 
1/2 of the "length" of the arrow away from "to".  The coordinates would be 
such that 100,0 would be "to".  

1.  Where a good place to initialize the list would be.
2.  Is there a preferred method of storage for global lists such as this.

You could imitate what the shape-loading code does (without the need to
make this modular, ie you can put that in lib/ IMO. Perhaps even in a
subdirectory of lib, like lib/arrows if you need several compilation units.
I should have done this for properties.)

I haven't looked at the shape code yet, but I will.

[*] This means: warning, nasty moving target. Currently, we don't embed,
but there have been repeated expressions of interest for this feature.
Kivio does this, IIRC. Safe bet would be: make it run without embedding,
but don't make this too difficult to add afterwards. Ideally, a shared
facility for embedding/loading on the fly could be added.

Richard Rowell
rwrowell bellsouth net

If Java had true garbage collection, most programs would delete themselves 
upon execution. - Robert Sewell 

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