Re: WIN32 compilation, the spirit of GNU software.

Le Thu, Aug 22, 2002, à 05:34:46PM +0100, Alan Horkan a écrit:
i dont know if the windows files are included in the tarball

They are, **to the best of our knowledge**. Some might have escaped, because
really no-one builds for Win32 except from the CVS tree, and the Win32 port 
is not a good autotools citizen (for lack of platform capability, I'd sneak
;-) )

On a less friendly and forgiving list you would have been banned by now,
called several insulting names and probably a few other things.

I think some of this process has started. Banning is pretty much pointless
however (but that doesn't prevent individual killfiles from working).
think very carefully before you bring this matter up again.  go to, ask them, get an expert opinion.  if that expert agrees with you
then get them to request we make some improvements.

In fact, I think he has burnt his chance of bringing that topic, period. In
another life, with another identity and a different social skill set, he
might try again.

        -- Cyrille


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