Re: Good job guys!!

On Thu, 15 Aug 2002, Tim Ellis wrote:
On Thu, 15 Aug 2002 09:41:17 -0500
Eddie Bush <ekbush swbell net> wrote:

I don't 
understand the scale of things, but I don't ever print diagrams anyhow -
just build them for their thought-provokingness - so I honestly don't 
care much about sizes.

I know, I snipped the parts where he says: "Dia is great!" (I certainly
agree with the sentiment, and I bet most here do...) -- but he's got a
point in this "I misunderstand scaling" sentence here. The default size
at least for UML diagramming (and I assume everything else) is that about
four objects can fit on a single A4-size piece of paper, maybe 8 if you
cram them.

Objects seem a bit... LARGE.

I scale all my diagrams down to about 18-30% size, which seems a little
more sane. Is there a rationale for the current default scaling? Am I &
Eddie the only two that think it might be tweaked?

In my mind, the entire zoom & resize system needs an overhaul.  We should
be able to resize any object, at least with aspect ratio kept.  However,
some objects don't resize linearly at all (e.g. most of GRAFCET, UML
Lifeline), and whether to resize the line widths along with the size is an
open question.  In any case, this will not happen till after the next
release, which focuses on the GTK2 transition.


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