engineering shape, a damper

I was asked to draw some shapes so this guy could draw the diagrams he
needed for his engineering class (mechanics/applied mathematics type
stuff). so i drew it, but only now did i remember to send it and CC the
list in case it is of any use to others.

Horizontal and vertical dampers.  the png icons are a bit crufty, i did
not have time to draw them from scratch.
that link is subject to change over the next few weeks but if i do i will
add a link on this page saying where i put them.

incidentally he uses the old style resistor to represent a spring

now i just need to give some thought to representing the wall/surface
these things get attached to (or hopefully someone else will do it :)

here is an ASCII approximation of the scetch he showed me of what
he wanted, a wall, a spring and a damper, i drew the damper

/|                      __
/|____/\  /\  /\  ____ |  ____
/|      \/  \/  \/     |__


Alan Horkan

PS will draw more shapes by request, just start a list in bugzilla and add
me to the CC field and ill get around to them when i have time (or when i
dont actually have time and i just want to any excuste to avoid work)

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