Re: CVS and uncompressed Dia files? (RE: Is there a more stable version than 0.88.1?)

On Mon, 29 Apr 2002, Dolores Alia de Saravia wrote:

On Mon, 29 Apr 2002 Lars Clausen wrote:
Dia prints the XML rather prettily:
order is moved to the end.

I believe the ordering in the file is defined by the ordering in the 
so it's somewhat stable.

I also believe the ordering in the file depends quite a lot on the 
layers:  objects in the first layer recieve first numbers, and so on, 
objects in last layer, receive last numbers.

But you can change the order for the layers (from the layers dialog 
box), so I would not say the ordering for objects is stable.

The layers are explicit in the file:

  <dia:layer name="Background" visible="true">
    <dia:object type="SADT - arrow" version="0" id="O0">
      <dia:attribute name="obj_pos">
        <dia:point val="25,-8.5"/>

By the way: When I only change the ordering for layers, there is no 
warning about modified diagram, but if we save the diagram, the file 
will be modified. (Well, for my work, this ordering is not important, 
neither the ordering of objects) 

That is certainly a bug.


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