RE: Is there a more stable version than 0.88.1?

many, many hours of work. Shame.
If only the dia save format was XML - I could have done it
with a script or something. Are there any plans to change the dia save

compressed by default, to borrow from Cyrille:

(please let's agree to disagree and not rehash the arguements had on just
about every project that uses some form of text + standard compression
algorithm, and read on to the end before you flame me)

Dia's default format is compressed XML (Gzip, I think).  But the compression
can be turned off.  On the user interface page of the preferences dialog,
toggle "Compress saved files" to "no".  Save your imported v0.88.1 files,
then edit them as necessary.

Definately gzip compression.

Was the idea of having two different file types such as .dia and .zdia (or
.gzdia or .gzd etc.) ever discussed?

[Disclaimer: Not volunteering]
Any plans to change to zip in the future?

Zip archives allow for parts of the file to be compress and other bit not
to be compressed.
This means that we can compromise and have include an uncompressed text
description file/string (a manifest or a file_id.diz) saying that is a
compressed XML file yet still leave the rest of the file compressed.

Those concerned about space get a well compressed file.  (although
marginally larger than gzip).
Those who want a more transparent and accesible file format that can use
standardised tools like zcat zipgrep zipinfo unzipsfx zipnote zipsplit.

Alan Horkan

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