RE: Do you know why I cant be able to use tildes and accents

On 26/06/2002 Belen Leonardo Javier wrote:
I started using DIA but I faced an unexpected problem: I cannot 
make DIA
to write accents (spanish) and "eñes" in the text boxes, Please 
since I believe I can use it a lot but I need the full alphabet 

I has been able to write write e\~nes and accented letters in text 
boxes while working with Dia. At least I can see these symbols in the 
screen. I will later (this night) print the diagram and  tell you ...

By the way I write using a "spanish keyboard". And I believe I 
installed Dia after my machine was prepared for spanish.Is this your 

I have not tried to do it  with an "english keyboard". Don't know if 
there is a difference.

I'm using Suse 7.0

email:  loli unsa edu ar
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