RE: Do you know why I cant be able to use tildes and accents

I have no idea how to do non-ascii input[1], much less how to handle it
a program.  For characters typed directly from the keyboard, I think it
should work (any confirmation), but we don't handle multi-key input.

there are things such as XIM, etc, which are supposed to handle this
at the Xserver level. Also you can run daemons which intercept and
keystrokes. Here are some references if anyone is interested:

the mozilla page seems to imply significant XIM integration within the
itself, which looks modestly complex.

from an application writers POV, it would be nice if each keystroke
was a simple 31bit UCS-4 number, but to support certain laguages, such
as those requiring bidirectional text, complex glyph-substitution, etc
(such as in japanese where a small kana is positioned differently
upon whether you are outputting in vertical or horizontal mode),
Any high-level user interface implementor will end up dealing with these
issues at some point.

(a massive standardization on utf-8 would help get things started, but
that seems far away for most UI apps)

Input-Method support could be written into common text-widgets, which
then help simplify things for the app-writer, so this may be more of a
issue. (preferable on-the-spot style)

Even XFree86 needs some changes: it is currently limited to 16bit
in fonts, and has no notion of the code-ranges for certain languages.
vietnamese to print out correctly i had to tell my x-server that a given
font implemented the entire iso10646-1 unicode range (which of course it

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