Re: dia and fonts [dia & freetype - part II]

On Fri, 26 Apr 2002, Torben H. Nielsen wrote:
As some of the subscribers to the dia mailing list may have noticed, 
I recently had a few problems concerning freetype & fonts.

The last segfault i wrote about, was raised when the UML::Class tried 
to use load the Helvetica-font, which I do not have as ttf (I do not 
know whether Helvetica is available as TTF at all)

Now I am wondering if it is possible to configure which fonts to use as

default at compile time, or maybe it should be an option in the 
preferences dialog.

It should be possible to configure at least two families of fonts 
- the Courier family and the Helvetica family.

What happens is this:

It tries to look up Helvetica as TT or T1 font.

If that fails, it tries to use the standard (built-in) translation from the
  PostScript font set to common TT fonts.  For Helvetica-Bold, it uses
  Numbus Sans L, Bold.

If that fails, it tries Courier.

If that fails, it gives an error, but unfortunately goes right on to use
the NULL font pointer.  I should try just any font, then return NULL if it


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