Tools for hacking Gnome documentation?

Between work, school, other projects, and the fact that I
really prefer C++ to C (ironically, Dia is a great tool
for UML), I'll probably never contribute a line of code
to Dia.  But I could make much needed updates and
additions to the documentation without the commitment and
learning curve of coding.  My first steps will be to take
out the outdated stuff and add anything from the FAQ that
belongs in the manual.  Then reorganize, clarify, extend,

The problem is that I've nevered worked with SGML (and
only barely with HTML, but that's probably a good thing
in this regard).  Which tools would you recommend I use?
 I'm thinking of VIM as an editor.  More importantly,
which tool should I use to convert the SGML to HTML for
testing purposes?  I'm using Windows.

Rob Campbell

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