Re: dia & freetype

Well, it seems like the FontPath only solved a part of the problem!

Sofar I have noticed two objects which still causes dia to crash with
a segfault.
The two objects are UML::Object and UML::Class!

Btw. this time i configured with --enable-debug=yes

(gdb) run
Starting program: /home/torben/inst/dia-cvs-snapshot/app/dia

Program received signal SIGSEGV, Segmentation fault.
0x080b224f in font_getfont_with_style (name=0x41bace50
    style=0x80e2b8e "Bold") at font.c:933
933       for (faces = fonts->diafonts; faces != NULL; faces =
g_list_next(faces)) {
(gdb) bt
#0  0x080b224f in font_getfont_with_style (name=0x41bace50
    style=0x80e2b8e "Bold") at font.c:933
#1  0x080b22f6 in font_getfont (name=0x41bace50 "Helvetica-Bold") at
#2  0x41b8dd1d in fill_in_fontdata ()
#3  0x41b8de1d in umlclass_create ()
#4  0x08082e0f in create_object_button_press (tool=0x85b5d10,
    ddisp=0x85f8ee8) at create_object.c:54
#5  0x08075de7 in ddisplay_canvas_events (canvas=0x85f99d0,
    ddisp=0x85f8ee8) at disp_callbacks.c:498
#6  0x401a3ded in gtk_marshal_BOOL__POINTER () from
#7  0x00009a15 in ?? ()
Cannot access memory at address 0x13


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