Re: Dia's user interface

On Tuesday 23 April 2002 12:21, Lars Clausen wrote:

This is not quite true:  If you select a tool from one sheet,
then change to another, the indication is wrong.

Yet, I think it is obvious the user must be able to know
at any time which tool he is using.

Actually, I'm thinking if anything, the selected tool should
be indicated by the pointer.  The non-object tools already do
this, and we could have a ghostly icon next to the pointer
when another tool is selected.

Good idea.

I usually use this area to report error messages
that don't deserve a window popup, which is the case most
of the times ("The blabla field is not a number." in red
ink in the status bar has proved to be enough).

That's a possibility, though how often does that happen?  And
if it happens inside a dialog, shouldn't it be shown inside
the dialog?

Yes of course. What I was suggesting doesn't appear very good
for Dia, so forget about it! :)

adrienbeau yahoo com

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