Re: Dia's user interface

On Tuesday 23 April 2002 10:11, Lars Clausen wrote:

I agree with you on this.  I have considered removing the !,

I've read the Interface Hall of Shame, as pointed to by
Alan Horkan (, and
this is one of the things you can learn on this big page.


whereas Gimp prepends a *.  I think we should go with the *.
Since we warn before closing a modified diagram anyway, the
information is not that important.

I've also seen the '*' used in Windows programs. It's a sort
of "minor standard".

Now's the question:  Is there some more relevant information
to put there? Currently selected tool?  Number of objects
selected (after a select operation)?  Something?

The currently selected tool is indicated in the toolbox, so
there no point in duplicating the information. I don't know
if anybody is interested in the number of objects selected;
I'm not. I usually use this area to report error messages
that don't deserve a window popup, which is the case most
of the times ("The blabla field is not a number." in red
ink in the status bar has proved to be enough).

adrienbeau yahoo com

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