Re: Review of Keybindings [Re: Dia's user interface]

On Tuesday 23 April 2002 12:33, Lars Clausen wrote:

The only thing I *really* want to see in the start-up hints
is mention of the right and middle mouse menus.  I've seen
reviews of Gimp complaining about how little you could do
because the reviewer never figured out the right mouse menus.
 Can you think of a better way to indicate this?  Though
perhaps the use in Windows of right mouse menus has made this
concept well-known enough.

In Windows, and also in KDE and other places, the right-mouse
menu is a useful addition to the way the user can interact
with the application. In the Gimp and also Dia, it is almost
a mandatory way. So, users should be made aware of this. I
had a bad first experience with the Gimp because I failed to
discover the right-mouse menu.

adrienbeau yahoo com

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