Re: compilation of a snapshot version

On Friday 12 April 2002 00:38, Didier Bretin wrote:

(see the original post for the big error message)

Any idea ?!?!?! :o)))

Obviously, the linker had no clue about libunicode. Since
it is not on the command line, that means that it must be
in one of the directories the linker knows about.

So, check that the directory that contains, and/or libunicode.a is listed in
/etc/ (I hope the name is similar on RH). If
it is not listed, add it. Then launch "ldconfig" as

Which makes me think... If this was a package you installed,
the library is probably already in a standard place, so
running "ldconfig" is perhaps all that is needed.

Hope this helps, but no warranty, though. I'm not a developer.

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