Re: Announcing the 'Sheets and Objects' dialog

On Tue, 9 Apr 2002, M. C. Nelson wrote:
On Mon, 8 Apr 2002 18:21:11 +0000 (UTC), Lars Clausen wrote:

On Mon, 8 Apr 2002, Steffen Macke wrote:

Coming soon to a cvs server near you.

Right, but before I would like some more people to test Michael's
awesome patch:

Attached is a *new patch* against the cvs addressing some of the issues
Lars brought up.

567c5bf1de60c3f8829dba222f4b4c88  dia-patch-020409.diff.gz


This patch will only compile with '--enable-gnome' since glade is too
stupid to make gnome support optional.  When the other elements of 
the interface have stabilized, code will be modified by hand to support
either gnome or non-gnome for the cvs (as before).

I tried to compile, but got

sheets_dialog_callbacks.c:59: sheets_dialog_support.h: No such file or directory


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