Thank you for your help, because I try to code a software to do the mapping from
the Dia ER diagram to generate a sql script for PostgreSQL.



Andrew S Halper <ashalper acm org> le 2002-04-05 08:58:10

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On 2002.04.02 08:42 yves guerin muhc mcgill ca wrote:

I am looking for documentation on the ER plugin for Dia, I try to find
the rules
or the formalism behind ER but I am lost :(

I don't think there is any documentation for the Dia ER sheet per se.
For documentation on the ER notation, try:

Author Silberschatz, Abraham.
Title Database system concepts
Other auth Korth, Henry F. Sudarshan, S. Edition 4th ed Publisher
Boston : McGraw-Hill, 2002

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