Re: how do you rotate an object?

Lars Clausen <lrclause cs uiuc edu> writes:

On 25 Sep 2001, Allan Gottlieb wrote:

I have been unable to rotate objects.  Rotation is generally useful.
My specific need was in using the ``Logic'' figures.  All the gates
are vertical, but I need horizontal gates.  I tried the manual and
looked at every menu that I could find.  

As Robert said, rotation is mentioned in the FAQ as missing.

Thank you.  I should have followed the comment in the help msg
suggesting a visit to the home page.  Once there, the faq is trivial to

With the exception of logic diagrams, dia has now replaced xfig for
me.  With the addition of rotation, xfig will become relegated to
maintenance used for legacy diagrams.

The Logic shapes are quite simple to make, I did them in an afternoon.
I'll see if I can make the horizontal ones as well.


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