Re: how do you rotate an object?


Dia cannot arbitrarily rotate objects, as is noted in the FAQ at  The 
FAQ is the first and best place to look for answers to questions before posting them to the list.  If you 
have a question that is not answered by the FAQ and you think it should be, post it here and suggest that it 
be added.  My suggestions have been added.

I believe this very question, with regard to logic gates, has come up on the mailing list before.  Someone 
who needed these rotated shapes would be doing many people a favor by taking the time to create and add them 
to the logic sheet.  I'm not talking about adding the ability to rotate shapes to Dia; just some new custom 
shapes.  At most, I think this would require cutting and pasting some code.

Rob Campbell
rob campbell visto com

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Subject: how do you rotate an object?

I have been unable to rotate objects.  Rotation is generally useful.
My specific need was in using the ``Logic'' figures.  All the gates
are vertical, but I need horizontal gates.  I tried the manual and
looked at every menu that I could find.  

With the exception of logic diagrams, dia has now replaced xfig for
me.  With the addition of rotation, xfig will become relegated to
maintenance used for legacy diagrams.

Thanks for dia!


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