RE: Contact points

On Saturday, 8 September 2001 Ryan Boder [mailto:boder cmu edu] wrote:
I just started using dia along with alot of the people in my 
embedded systems class for making UML diagrams. In the 
documentation it
says that by middle clicking on an object you can add contact 
points to it
so that the associations and lines and stuff will stick to 
it. But every
time I try to do that no contact point is added and instead a disabled
menu appears that says "No object menu".

Am I doing something wrong or is the documentation wrong? If 
so how can I
add more contact points to an object? It's kind of tedious 
moving all the
lines 1 by 1 when I move an object just because there aren't enough
contact points to sttch them.

It is only possible (currently) to add connection points to line objects
(e.g. line, zigzag and polyline) using this method.

One method (a hack) for adding connection points to objects is by placing a
line along the  edge you wish to add connection points to and then adding
connection points to the line. 
Hope this helps.


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