Re: Can't launch

On Thu, 6 Sep 2001 WrightEski aol com wrote:

I have run the dia-088.2-setup.exe to install the program.  After the files
and directories are installed, the program launch fails.  The error is in a
DOS window:

Warning**:- could not create per-user Dia config directory
Glib-critical **: file gstrfunc.c: line 160: assertion 'string1 ! = Null'

I have a 1Ghz laptop, running Windows ME, 256MB RAM.

I have the same problem running the 088.6 program as well.  I have
uninstalled and tried re-downloading from the website.  Still the same
problem persists.

Can you help?

Try editing your autoexec.bat file and adding a line like:
  set HOME=c:\home

and creating a c:\home directory.  After restarting (so the new
environment variable is picked up), try running dia again.


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