Re: dia-shape-ns

On Thu, 06 Sep 2001, Carol Farlow Lerche wrote:

Sorry if these questions have been answered -- I'm new here, and 
haven't seen them answered in the archive. 

1.  I'm wondering if the name space definition from the dtd's found in 
the doc directory of the distribution exist somewhere?  It is currently
coded as ""; which is not 

I should love to see that as well.

2.  Could someone comment on the differences in svg files used by
and exported by dia versus the W3C draft?  I would like to try building
a set of custom shapes but would like to build/validate them against a
or schema in XML-spy to make sure they are kosher.  Articles elsewhere
the archive seem to imply that dia accepts a subset of svg, but what 
subset?  (Again, I apologize if this has been answered.  Perhaps it 
is a candidate for the FAQ or the documentation.)

It's not formally defined, but it's described in the doc subdirectory of
the sources.

3.  In my trip through the list archive, I noticed several queries about 
Visio interchangeability.  This posting might be interesting to some:

Yes, I've seen the XML def for it, and it's *huge*.  It'd be lovely to have
some intergration with that (though I still think it's be more valuable to
have a Visio<->Dia conversion server based on COM).


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