Re: --export w/o $DISPLAY?

Le jeu, sep 06, 2001, à 03:40:19 +0200, pascal a écrit:

Maybe an option to skip the DIA aplash screen would be sufficient .. ?

please, read the list (*one* day ago), and pay some attention to (especially

If someone knows how to know the width of a text in a given font, without
resorting to using an X display, while still finding the fonts on the system
(can I hear "lobby for Defoma to be mandated by the next rev of LSB" ?), the
companion program "diaconv" is waiting for your help.

Conceptually, it's not complicated at all: just find the width of a text in
a given font. Technically, well, I'm waiting for patches, because this is
beyond my capacity.

        -- Cyrille


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