Re: feature request

On Mon, 03 Sep 2001, James Henstridge wrote:

On Mon, 3 Sep 2001, Nicholas Piper wrote:

This would solve my problems too (I use LyX / LaTeX). I didn't realise
that the printing "scale" would change the exported scale, but it does
so at least I can do it via the GUI for now :-) A --scale would be
great though, and let me do it in my Makefiles.

For latex, why don't you just set the width option when including the
graphics?  Something like this:

Yeah, this is what I do at the moment. It's nice however to be able to
just drop files in and them come out a a good "natural" size. In
addition, viewing filename.eps with gv would use shedloads of
memory. The Bounding Box that dia gives is really too big! 30 percent
of it appears to be a reasonable size, and would be a much better


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