Re: feature request

Hi James!

 --scale is very important to me. The reason for this is that I use dia to
make figures that I embed in latex documents. The problem is that by
default, if I convert dia -> eps (or fig), the figure doesn't fit on a page
(and even if it did, it would still be to big).

This would solve my problems too (I use LyX / LaTeX). I didn't realise
that the printing "scale" would change the exported scale, but it does
so at least I can do it via the GUI for now :-) A --scale would be
great though, and let me do it in my Makefiles.

For latex, why don't you just set the width option when including the
graphics?  Something like this:

(I might have the syntax slightly wrong.  Been a while since I used
latex).  That is using the graphicx package.

That doesn't help. If you don't set the scale in dia, you export only half
the file (since the diagram doesn't fit in a page), so you won't see the
entire image, no matter what width you specify.



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