Re: size of eps files exported

Le dim, sep 02, 2001, à 05:57:57 +0100, Nicholas Piper a écrit:

I'm using dia to generate my eps diagrams. There is a problem in that
the EPS exports are huge in terms of bounding box dimensions.

Is there anyway to have it make them a little smaller ? The huge sizes
lead to huge files and memory consumption down the line.

Though you don't mention the version you're using, you've most probably been
hit by .

Sorry; I was on 0.88.1

Please give 0.89-test a try, it shouldn't have this problem anymore.

I can't find this at the location given
anymore. I've tried to use the CVS version but autoconf fails on loads
of things.

Is .89 available still, or should I try fix the autoconf stuff
(probably missing things)?

I don't think this is the bug though. Dia has *always* given massive
exports as long as I can remember. I've been waiting for the day a
"Scale" comes along, but as it hasn't yet and I'm starting to get
bitten by the sizes I thought I'd ask if I'm just missing it.


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