Re: scrollbar bug

Le sam, sep 01, 2001, à 08:51:46 +0200, Abraham van der Merwe a écrit:

Basically, I can look at the file, but the scrollbars is messed up (can't
scroll, the scroll buttons is very small as if the document is huge, etc.

I've even managed to crash dia completely once with this document although I
haven't been able to reproduce that crash again.

you've been hit by the extents calculation bug. Please give 0.89-test a
whirl, it should have this fixed.

For the font complains, I tend to ignore them, when I have time I'll light a
candle in the hope Lars gets the time to finish the freetype stuff ;-)
seriously, it's a bit annoying, but it's mostly harmless.

This never happened with my previous dia (iirc it was 0.64 or something).

yikes ! 

        -- Cyrille


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