Re: Font structure needs name change

At 14:32 07.07.01 -0500, Lars Clausen wrote:

To get the list of fonts from X for FreeType, I need to include Xlib.h, but
that defines a Font struct.  I will need to rename the Font structure to
DiaFont.  Stand by for mass renaming.  I wish I had a refactoring editor:)

Or even better C++:
namespace X {
#include "XLib.h"

Why can't you use the XListFonts (and XFreeFonts) surrogates defined by the
gtk-1.3-win32-production branch which work on string lists too and are
rather portable ? They are called gdk_font_list_new/gdk_font_list_free and
can be implemented as simple wrappers on X.


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