Re: Font structure needs name change

On 07 Jul 2001, Lars Clausen wrote:

To get the list of fonts from X for FreeType, I need to include Xlib.h,
but that defines a Font struct.  I will need to rename the Font structure
to DiaFont.  Stand by for mass renaming.  I wish I had a refactoring

Renaming went well, except that I'm getting problems with gettext.  In
particular, I get a lot of these errors:

/home/lrclause/src/dia/app/commands.c:189: undefined reference to `dcgettext__'
/home/lrclause/src/dia/app/app_procs.c:331: undefined reference to `diagram_modified_exists'

I only get them for commands.c and app_procs.c, but that might be because
they're the first two that use _(.  My gettext is 0.10.38, and has worked
fine until now.  I tried with --use-included-gettext, but that is fatally
broken.  app_procs.c has no changes since latest CVS.  It doesn't help to

Anyone got a clue as to what this is?


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