Re: SGV-sgv, ...not svg? sure?

On Tue, 3 Jul 2001, Dolores Alia de Saravia wrote:


Now you say it, I also agree with you. But then, instead of correcting
the NEWS file,  may be Dia itself should be corrected:

I beleive that

 if an user designs a .shape file and writes "..... /SVG" instead of
"..../svg", that shape is not loaded.

(I beleive this happened to me, and it was because of this that I noted
the difference...).

Yes it was a bug in the NEWS file that should be fixed for the next
release.  However, the documentation and existing shapes are all correct,
so hopefully it won't cause too much trouble :(

As for whether case should matter for xml namespace URIs, the current code
for loading shape files uses the standard libxml function to get a handle
for the namespace.  As libxml doesn't perform case folding here, I doubt
that URIs are supposed to be case insensitive.  If you think I am wrong
about this, you should tell Daniel Veillard about it as it would be a bug
in libxml.


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