Re: UrShape Layout controversy

On Tue, 3 Jul 2001, Andre Kloss wrote:

Hi, folks.

Let's pull the pieces together:

Lars writes:
There's a thing you will have to consider at some point (though
maybe not yet):  If you have an UrContainer A with an UrContainer
B within it, how do you add further UrShapes to A? 
a) Every UrContainer needs to have some border, at least with snapping

Chapin Charts has the border of interior shapes fall on top of the
containers border.

b) Every UrContainer knows by his type if it can hold another UrShape,
and will resize automaticially when the UrShape is dragged over (and
if not dropped, restore the original size).

Yes, but if there is a container within a container, you can't tell which
you want to drop into.

You will also need a way to get UrShapes out of UrContainers.
That a UrShape snaps to a UrContainer doesn't mean it can't be dragged
out of it anymore.

Of course.  But we also want to be able to move the UrContainer and its
contents.  I'm thinking expelling a shape may have to be an object menu

I prefer Chapin charts.
Enlighten me to what a Chapin chart is.  I was referring to the
textbox widget as being a simple one to use at first.
Oh, you mean no SVG test but rather something really simple. Ok, so be
it. Chapin Charts btw. are also known as Nassi-Shneiderman-Diagrams or

A little explanation of Chapin Charts is at


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