Re: Shapes and Formats

I have spent some time creating simple shapes and shape sheets for
use in ER diagrams. (ie. crows feet, details box)

As some questions and answers were posted on the subject some time
ago, I was hoping this feature may have been "dealt to and with"
recently. Mainly because I can't get the crows foot to attach to the
entity without using the grouping option.

No, I don't believe it has.  Holidays.  Lazyness.

Also is there a program that can convert all or any of the export
formats of dia to other graphic formats and others back to dia import

See File->Plugins for a list.  There are also external programs floating around that work on the Dia XML file 

I want to use the exported XML of another app to create a site map or ER
in dia then export the finished work back to the other app.

Could you be more specific?



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