Re: Unable to change mouse focus

Hi Charles,

On Fri, 2001-12-21 at 17:20, Charles Corson wrote:
I was using Dia and found that, suddenly, I could not change the focus
of the mouse to interact with
the menu selections, or to add new objects to the page, etc.  (RH 7.1
Dia .86  gnome   sawfish).

        I had a similar setup, and the same problem - my typical editing
session of a dia file was open, make a few connections, the thing locks
up mouse focus - hit C-s, switch to console, kill it, run again, perform
a few more operations - freeze etc.

        FWIW the problem (prolly a leaking mouse grab) seems to have been there
for a while. I imagine we have uncommon sawfish settings - quite
possibly it's a nasty WM interaction. Either way my sawfish settings are
attached. I can't replicate the problem in dia 0.88.1 though, so
possibly it has been fixed.



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