TARBALLS DUE: GNOME 3.1.4 unstable release; string + UI change announcement periods

Hello all,

It is time again to get another release out of the door. After this
release the string and UI announcement periods will start. Which means
you'll have to send a message whenever you change something. Let's make
GNOME 3.2 rock and not discuss name changes for too long.

We would like to inform you about the following:
* GNOME 3.1.4 unstable tarballs due
* String Change Announcement Period
* UI Change Announcement Period

Tarballs are due on 2011-07-25 before 23:59 UTC for the GNOME 3.1.4
unstable release, which will be delivered on Wednesday. Modules which
were proposed for inclusion should try to follow the unstable schedule
so everyone can test them.  Please make sure that your tarballs will
be uploaded before Monday 23:59 UTC: tarballs uploaded later than that
will probably be too late to get in 3.1.4. If you are not able to make
a tarball before this deadline or if you think you'll be late, please
send a mail to the release team and we'll find someone to roll the
tarball for you!

String Change Announcement Period
All string changes must be announced to gnome-i18n and gnome-doc-list

UI Change Announcement Period
All user interface changes must be announced to gnome-doc-list

For more information about 3.1, the full schedule, the official
module lists and the proposed module lists, please see our colorful 3.1

For a quick overview of the GNOME schedule, please see:


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